Established 1996
Hearth Baked Breads
Hand molded and baked daily from scratch
723 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15221, (412) 241-2400

Our breads are made with attention to detail.   The result is a bread with  exceptional taste, texture and shelf life without the use of preservatives or additives.

We use very little oil and most of our breads have no sugar. 

There is the honey ( which has sugar) in Honey Whole Wheat and the Cinnamon Rolls do have sugar.


Our bread baking philosophy at the Wood Street Bread Co. is to offer breads made with the highest-quality ingredients keeping quality, and taste. We adhere to traditional methods, using a minimum of machinery, relying instead upon the hands and technical skills of the bakers.

All of our breads are shaped by hand and baked in a steam-injected brick oven.  This ensures a final product that's beautiful to look at and a pleasure to eat. Long, slow fermentation gives our breads both their wonderful flavor and good keeping quality. We don't use any dough conditioners or bread preservatives.

Helpful Hint: Our breads taste great on the day they're made, and their keeping quality will be best if they're properly stored. For best results, store the bread at room temperature in the bag in which it was purchased.  If the room temp. is hot then refridgeration is better.  Once cut, place the bread in the bag sliced-side down. Keep the bread in a plastic bag. This will help to preserve its moisture, though the crust will soften.

To freeze, put in plastic bag. To reheat, thaw the bread at room temperature, remove it from the bag, and place it in a preheated 425°F oven for about 3 minutes (if you want it warm)


BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE EATING, especially if bread is a part of your daily meals.

We use Unbleached, Unbromated (see definition below) white flour and Organic Whole Wheat Flour in our breads.

THIS IS ONE SHOCKING FACT about what is in some other breads....(but not ours).

One would never think that breads would contain any type of harmful ingredient, especially one that is found to be cancer-causing.  Don't be surprised about what we have to say about...BROMATES

Potassium bromate is typically added to bread flour to help the elastisity of the baked product.

Bromates are an ingredient often used when making flour for breads.  It has the effect of volumizing the center of the bread, therefore bakers use it to artificially increase the size of their bread.  While bromates sound like a positive thing, it has been found to cause cancer in animals.  

Though bromated flour may pose only small risks to humans, it is worth being aware of these risks.  
The FDA suggests consumers avoid potassium bromate
and has urged bakers to stop using it on a voluntary basis.  In fact, bromated flour has already been banned in the UK, Europe and Canada.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest today petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prohibit the use of potassium bromate.  CSPI charged that the FDA has known for years that bromate causes cancers in laboratory animals, but has failed to ban it.

It has not been banned in the United States because the FDA  sanctioned the use of bromate before the Delaney clause of the  Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act went into effect in 1958 — which bans carcinogenic substances — so that it is more difficult for it to now be banned. Instead, since 1991 the FDA has urged bakers to voluntarily stop using it.  In California, a warning label is required when bromated flour is used.

CSPI advises consumers to avoid bread, rolls, doughnuts, and cakes that list “potassium bromate” or “bromated flour” among their ingredients. FDA’s limited surveys found that rolls and buns are especially likely to contain high levels of bromate.

At The Wood Street Bread Company, we use the best Unbleached, Unbromated white flour available


The Wood Street Bread Company


723 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15221    Established 1996


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