Wood Street Bread Company
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Fat Free Breads

FRENCH BREAD - Our classic Sourdough Bread.

CRANBERRY WALNUT WHOLE WHEAT - A naturally sweetened nutty flavored bread with cranberries and walnuts, made with ORGANIC WHOLE WHEAT

DELI RYE - A unique tasting rye bread with caraway seeds made from using our sourdough starter.

HONEY WHOLE WHEAT - A light whole wheat bread using our organic flour with the addition of honey.

Other Breads

Paska Bread- This is our delicious Easter Bread (Paska) made with golden raisins.

IRISH SODA BREAD - A sweet dough made with golden raisins and baking soda instead of yeast for a cake like texture. (this is seasonal, we make it in March for St Patricks Day)

CHRISTMAS STOLLEN - Stollen is a fruitcake type bread that originated in Germany. It is made with yeast, water and flour, dried cherries, citrus peel, golden raisins, walnuts, and Christmas spices; the dough is quite low in sugar and still VERY TASTY!!! (this is seasonal, we make it during the Christmas Holidays)

JALAPENO CHEDDAR - Our white bread with sharp cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeno’s.

CALAMATA OLIVE BREAD - Our classic white dough with Greek Calamata olives added for exceptional flavor. (this is seasonal, we make it during the farmers market season)

CHALLAH - An Egg Bread with a delightful flavor.  Makes delicious French Toast.

SANDWICH BUNS - Perfect size for a hamburger, made with 20% organic whole wheat flour.

PULL APART DINNER ROLLS - Mouth watering, great tasting pull apart rolls made with 20% organic whole wheat flour.

RAISIN BREAD with cinnamon - A tasty bread made with Quaker Oats, California raisins and cinnamon.

CHERRY CHOCOLATE BREAD - Tart, dried cherries and Callebaut milk chocolate together to create an astonishingly marvelous flavored bread (this is seasonal, we make it during the farmers market season)

CINNAMON ROLLS - Made daily from scratch, our sweet handmade dough with cinnamon and sugar rolled inside. 

   The best cinnamon rolls EVER!!